About Us

Welcome to Legal Spiel, a user-friendly gateway to opportunity, designed by legal people for legal people.

A unique, online networking platform available to help those in the legal world connect with each other, so whether you are a job seeker, business, recruiter or university we are here for you.
We give recruiters and agencies the chance to showcase themselves directly to the best legal talent around and jobseekers the opportunity to find their ideal job or next career move.
Universities can also share their own news, events, and courses with a huge legal audience.

So, we’re not only a platform for opportunity but we’re also a place where everyone in the legal world can chat, share experiences and network with their peers all over the world.
Please explore our site further to see how we can help you wherever you are in your legal journey, and if you’re ready to join now, then head straight over to our signup page www.legalspiel.com/register and become a member instantly.

Mission Statement

Legal Spiel is committed to being the social platform catering specifically for the unique needs of the legal profession.

We promise to be the portal that gives the legal profession a voice, offering a sense of belonging and personal support to all our members.

We will encourage everyone who uses the platform to grow through better employment opportunities, and high quality content resources, which will empower and inspire everyone who comes into contact with Legal Spiel.
Additionally, we will always embrace change and listen to the voice of our community, whilst always behaving with integrity, striving diligently to meet the needs of all our members.
As our reputation grows, we will steadfastly and diligently work towards a vision to make Legal Spiel a network connecting the legal profession globally.

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