The major strength of Legal Spiel lies in its uniqueness – a platform created from scratch to meet the needs of the legal community.

It is an information rich hub, something not yet seen in the legal profession.

We guarantee that for our members it will be:-

User friendly and ethical – meeting the needs of an increasingly complex and diverse profession.

Focused with lawyers at the heart of the platform, so we will have something for everyone from legal firms, Legal professionals, agencies, universities and those starting out in their legal careers with the best opportunities around.

Honest and safe – a place where members of the legal community can be secure in who they are networking with. It will be a haven for information, advice, jobs, legal courses and best practice.

Organised. They say don’t reinvent the wheel, so we have taken the best elements of online networking and made it more user friendly for our Legal Spiel community.

Connected – the platform sits comfortably alongside other social networking, so, you don’t need to be away from your favourite social networking sites for long. We’re linked to other social media platforms, so our members can use other sites with ease, allowing the user to be part of other forums from any online location.

A champion for legal innovation. We want to be a catalyst for advancement. By carefully honing and understanding your needs, we can make sure the best legal brains will be here with you leading to positive change.

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